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Live Music

Whether you’re one to sit back, relax and tap your toes, or jump up and hit the dance floor, the entertainment line up at Carina Leagues is sure to please!

Live music at Carina Leagues, every week:

Thursday Morning 10.00am – 2.00pm (Morning Melodies)
Friday Night 8.00pm – 11.30pm
Saturday Night 8.00pm – 11.30pm
Sunday Afternoon/Night 3.00pm – 7.00pm

Upcoming Live Music Events


Fri 1 8.00pm B-Rocked
Sat 2 8.00pm Country Boys
Sun 3 3.00pm Rock Steady – Rockabilly Rumble
Thur 7 10.00am Toby Tyler
Fri 8 8.00pm Across the Ages Band
Sat 9 8.00pm Stevenson Street Band
Sun 10 3.00pm Chi Chi
Thur 14 10.00am  Toby Tyler
Fri 15 8.00pm Absolute Suave
Sat 16 8.00pm Rockin Bodgies Band
Sun 17 3.00pm Street Cafe
Thur 21 10.00am David Lee
Fri 22 8.00pm Romeo’s Apprentice Band
Sat 23 8.00pm Caught in the Act Band
Sun 24 3.00pm Glas Vegas
Thur 28 10.00am Marco
Fri 29 8.00pm Wild Card Band
Sat 30 8.00pm Lone Gone Daddy’s Band


Sun 1 3.00pm Rock Steady – Rockabilly Rumble
Thur 5 10.00am Toby Tyler
Fri 6 8.00pm Paris Texas
Sat 7 8.00pm Country Boys
Sun 8 3.00pm Swizzle Trio
Thur 12 10.00am Toby Tyler
Fri 13 8.00pm Floor Burners Band
Sat 14 8.00pm Take your pick Band
Sun 15 3.00pm The Dukes Duo
Thur 19 10.00am Roy Morris
Fri 20 8.00pm Vanessa and Highway 65
Sat 21 8.00pm Buddy Love Band
Sun 22 3.00pm High Noon Duo
Thur 26 10.00am Michael
Fri 27 8.00pm Simply Three
Sat 28 8.00pm Laura Doolan Band
Sun 29 3.00pm Roy Morris Duo

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